Tracy’s Financial Goals for 2011 – Final Status

In 2011, I had a list of financial goals that I wanted to complete. Here is what happened with those goals in 2011:

  1. Track my expenses in a meaningful way – I started off tracking my expenses using the Android app Financisco but I was still having a hard time understanding what was going on and wasn’t sure where all my money was going. I then switched to YNAB and have been using it for the past year. I started off with just recording my expenses and it took a few months of tinkering with my account settings and my category settings before I fully understood what was working. Now I am following a budget and I am definitely feeling more secure with my money and I am able to see exactly how much money I am saving for each particular goal.
  2. Learn more about my 401k – While I did understand the 401k concept a bit more, I have failed on this goal and haven’t spent that much time analyzing my portfolio. I have only logged into my account a few times this year. I will definitely be picking up this goal again for 2012.
  3. Buy life insurance – I did purchase my life insurance package. Here is a post on what process I went through to decide which life insurance to purchase and here is another post on the process I went through to get approved for the life insurance.
  4. Start a finance blog – I did not post much last year but I will definitely work harder on this for 2012!!

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