Mel’s Financial Goals for 2012

With the hype of New Year’s Resolutions still lingering, I want to set some goals for myself as well.

As a short term goal, I would like to start a CD ladder. Most of my savings are in a high interest savings account right now, but the interest in those accounts are not like it used to be a few years back. In the short term, it is doubtful that banks would be offering anything higher, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to make the most out of my savings. So in the within the next months, I should have a better plan. Stay tuned!

An ongoing goal for this year would be to keep up with this blog. The purpose of this blog originally was to keep each of us inline, at least, financially. Hopefully this would set me towards a direction of what I want.


As an interim achievement, while researching and detailing facts of the Benefits at a Glance for Credit Cards post, I realize my Amex Blue card was part of their older program. The new Amex Blue Cash Everyday card had better benefits with cashback in different categories. =)  I’m saving already!