Food For Thought: 3 Things A Girl Must Do Before They Turn 28

Here’s a start to a series of what I’ll like to call Food for Thought posts. Just random topics that I’ve come across.

Recently I came across a video that I’ll like to share. I’ve been following Hong Kong celebrity and actress Ava Yu’s YouTube channel for a while now. This is actually her beauty channel where she usually puts together how-to videos for makeup application. In one of her recent videos though, she does a different take and talks about the 3 things that she believes a girl must do before they turn 28. (Seems like it is directing to me.)

First thing Ava says is health related: checking your blood calcium level. Calcium deficiency is not uncommon especially for women. The number of women with osteoporosis is not low either. Of all the things I’ve learned from Health class in high school, this was like the one thing that stuck for me. Number one reason being that I don’t drink milk. So do yourself a favor and take care of yourself from brittle bones! Prevention is a lot easier than treating it later on.

Second is to make sure you start taking care of your skin. Even though it sounds a little like she is advertising for Estee Lauder’s anti-aging skincare, I do believe in taking care of yourself early. Just moisturizing your skin is not enough! My mom has taught me to take care of my skin since I was in high school. I’m more than well prepare for this one. Check!

Last thing Ava mentions pertains more to this blog: every girl needs to have a financial plan. Being a celebrity its easier for her to hire a financial consultant to help her with her investments. Financial planning doesn’t necessarily mean investments, but you should at least have an idea of what you are working for. This blog will be my first step towards that goal.

Have you achieve everything Ava suggests at 28? It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or girl, you should always be prepared.

Here’s the original video from Ava’s channel. Sorry, it’s in Chinese only.

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