Longer Short Term Goals

Recently, I’ve realized I have no idea what my financial goals are. And I mean lifetime/long term goals. Achieving a CD ladder is great but I need to know what I am working towards (especially now when I’m having some issues at work and feel like I’m not getting any satisfaction in terms of a career.) And being a personal finance blogger (even if I’m an amateur), I need to set some goals! But what could they be?

First off, what kind of lifestyle do I want 5, 10, 20 years down the line? Of course driving luxury cars (or be driven in one), buying $3000 outfits and vacaying at some luxury resort whenever I wish! Who wouldn’t?! Unfortunately that isn’t realistic for everyone and definitely not for me. My ideal lifestyle will more likely be no 9-5 job, at least one international vacation annually and a few domestic trips, and the ability to shop without worrying about the price tag (within reason of course). A comfortable stress-free living style. And no, sitting at home and doing nothing is not what I aspire to do, but I’d much rather do some free lancing and have the option to become a work-at-home mom one day than be glued to a 9-5 job.

But how do I make sure there’s a steady income in the household and keep up with a comfortable living? Having a spouse/partner that can provide for the household would be great, but, sadly, also not very realistic. Many people see owning rental property as the Continue reading