What Do You Do With Loose Change?

This must be one of those negative side effects of not carrying a purse, but many men I know have a tendency to keep loose change around. Not just a few quarters here and there, I mean bucketfuls! I see it in my brother, my dad, my boyfriend even my coworker! (My coworker even keeps a plastic bag full of loose change under his desk.)  And when I ask them what they were going to do with all that change, their answers are usually “for the parking meter” or “for the laundromat” (though I’ve never seen their repository deplete).

Amazon recently sent me this email, so maybe it’ll spark you guys to start exchanging those loose change (and make room for some new toy instead.)

From now till Sept 23, if you exchange $20 coins for an Amazon Gift Card, you’ll receive a coupon code for $5 in Amazon MP3s.  You can probably get multiple codes if you exchange $20 at a time. Good way to start a new music collection. =)

After reading a little more into Coinstar, I see that there are no fees when you exchange for gift cards, but if you cash out, you will be charged a 9.8% processing fee! I didn’t expect the fees would be so steep. I assume you can also bring your coins and deposit them at your local bank, but you’ll probably have to roll them up.

Do you have large amount of loose change sitting around too? What do you do with them?

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