Skechers Shape-Ups – giving me back some $$

Here is another settlement to participate in. The basis of the Grabowski v. Skechers U.S.A., Inc. settlement is that Skechers made false claims that customers will lose weight by wearing their shape-up line of shoes. This is similar to last year’s settlement with Reebok’s EasyTone line of shoes.

Payments that you can get are:

Shoes Initial Amount Maximum
Shape-up $40 $80
Resistance Runner $42 $50
Podded Sole Shoes $27 $40
Tone-ups $20 $80

Any claim with a total amount greater than $200 will require proof which you will need to Continue reading

Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Categories for Q4 2012

It’s time to activate the fourth quarter 5% cash back categories for your Chase Freedom credit card.

Chase Freedom Credit Card

Chase Freedom Credit Card

Here are the details:

Earning: 5% cash back on up to $1,500 spent
Period: October 1 – December 31, 2012
Categories: Hotels, Airlines, Best Buy, Khol’s

You can sign up here if you can’t find your sign up email.

For your convenience here is a link to our 2012 Credit Card Benefits-At-A-Glance.

Bored Money – shopkick mobile app

Another Bored Money for those who have a mobile data plan.

I’ve been using the shopkick mobile app for 2 years now and thought I’ll talk about it since they’ve recently revamped their app.

20121105-171010.jpgIn a nutshell, as a shopkick user …

It rewards you with gift cards if you “walk-in” to specific stores and/or scan for specific products. It enables the GPS locator on your phone to verify that you are indeed “in” (and I use this very loosely) one of their partnered stores. Once you’re in the store, you’re off on a little scavenger hunt for specific products to scan in order to get additional points (aka kicks). If there’s nothing for you to scan, you can refer to the app for any impromptu Continue reading

L.L.Bean 15% Off One Time Use Code

I received a L.L.Bean catalog with a 15% off code. I don’t plan on using it so feel free to take it.

Please post a comment if you do use it so others won’t waste their time trying, as it’s a one time use code.

code: CW 2204 4251 30
Expires: Dec. 22, 2012



Citi Dividend Card – 5% Cash Back Categories for Q4 2012

The fourth quarter 5% cash back categories for the Citi Dividend Card has been published and is available for activation.

Citi Dividend Card

Citi Dividend Card

Q4 Dates:
Earn 5% on select purchases from October 1 – December 31, 2012
Categories: Macy’s, Electronics stores, and Toy stores purchases

Look in your email for a direct link, or activate via this link.

For your convenience here is a link to our 2012 Credit Card Benefits-At-A-Glance.

Moore vs. Verizon Settlement – Last call to get in on the action

It’s getting close to the deadline of November 15, 2012 to join in on the Moore vs. Verizon Settlement. For Verizon customers who have not signed up yet, hurry to be a part of the class action lawsuit. Any customers that were notified in May or June of 2012, will need to submit their claim by November 15, 2012. If you received the notice this month or have yet to receive it (you should get notified by December), your deadline is June 7, 2013  and deadline to opt out or object the settlement is January 13, 2013. I received my notice via email sometime in June and I’m signed up for automatic bill pay charged directly to my credit card.

The basis for the lawsuit is that Verizon has been charging their customers a monthly fee Continue reading


Fat Piggy now offers email subscriptions!

So if you’re interested, please subscribe on the right hand side of our blog where this little “Subscribe” button is. More changes to Fat Piggy coming soon!

Don’t Let Valuable Points Go To Waste!

Just a quick reminder to all, Citibank normally has promotional offers for their card holders throughout the year. These offers are different from rotational category bonuses on some credit cards. These offers vary from time to time and are different for everyone. I’ve received a summer offer on my Citi TY Preferred Card for 4 extra bonus points on categories of gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and drug store purchases. And after that ended, I received another offer for 4 extra bonus points at toy, electronics, computer and apparel stores!

Here’s a sample of the email I received:

So what does that mean? Keep a look out for your emails or paper mail and DON’T LET THOSE POINTS GO TO WASTE! It literally took me less than 30 seconds after clicking the “Enroll Now” link in the email. (5 TY points total is as good as getting 5% cashback in terms of reward cards).

My only complaint is that these promotional offers are non-transferable between other Citi cards that I own. I would have much preferred to take advantage of this promotional offer on the Citi Thank You Premier card that I’m paying an annual fee for! Hopefully enough people complain for Citibank to change their policy.

I’ve only seen such offers from Citibank, any other banks do the same?