Moore vs. Verizon Settlement – Last call to get in on the action

It’s getting close to the deadline of November 15, 2012 to join in on the Moore vs. Verizon Settlement. For Verizon customers who have not signed up yet, hurry to be a part of the class action lawsuit. Any customers that were notified in May or June of 2012, will need to submit their claim by November 15, 2012. If you received the notice this month or have yet to receive it (you should get notified by December), your deadline is June 7, 2013  and deadline to opt out or object the settlement is January 13, 2013. I received my notice via email sometime in June and I’m signed up for automatic bill pay charged directly to my credit card.

The basis for the lawsuit is that Verizon has been charging their customers a monthly fee Continue reading