Moore vs. Verizon Settlement – Last call to get in on the action

It’s getting close to the deadline of November 15, 2012 to join in on the Moore vs. Verizon Settlement. For Verizon customers who have not signed up yet, hurry to be a part of the class action lawsuit. Any customers that were notified in May or June of 2012, will need to submit their claim by November 15, 2012. If you received the notice this month or have yet to receive it (you should get notified by December), your deadline is June 7, 2013  and deadline to opt out or object the settlement is January 13, 2013. I received my notice via email sometime in June and I’m signed up for automatic bill pay charged directly to my credit card.

The basis for the lawsuit is that Verizon has been charging their customers a monthly fee without consent as a “third party service” fee. There are 2 options you can choose from, either select the $40 flat fee or submit the total that you were charged. Keep in mind that if you ask for the total amount, you will have to provide proof. They make it easy for you by providing this information upon request. It’s fast, easy, and the list of charges will be emailed to you. When you fill out the claim form, you’ll be required to upload that same file sent to you as proof. Also, make sure you have your complete account number handy. It should be your phone number + 6 more numbers (ie, Area Code + Phone Number + xxx xx x). My summary had charges listed from 2008-2010 with a total of $141.50 in charges for 3 different services.

To request a free summary you can either call their automated hotline at 1-877-772-6219 or fill out their online form by clicking on the link on the left navigation panel of their site.

My experience with these charges were that the billed name was vague, and they just started appearing on the bill even though I had not signed up for anything. I would need to notice these charges and call in to ask about them. Usually they would be taken care of but would need 1-2 billing cycles to take affect. It’s easy to lose track with it. I remember needing to call a few times to get the charges removed.

Let us know your progress! I submitted my claim during end of August and I’m waiting for my refund.
Status Update:
July 5, 2013: The final hearing will take place on Tuesday July 9, 2013. There won’t be any updates until after the hearing is completed.
August 4, 2013: No updates yet.
September 4, 2013: No updates yet but status on site has been updated to “The Court granted Final Approval of the Settlement.”
October 5, 2013: No updates yet.
November 13, 2013: The site has been updated, stating that “The review process will likely not be complete until, at the earliest, April 2014”.
June 8, 2014: No updates yet.
July 12, 2014: All claims are being evaluated. Updates from the site:

If you have filed a timely claim form, your claim is currently in process and the Settlement Administrator will notify you in writing of the outcome of your claim. All claims are currently in the Challenge and Rebuttal phase of the administration process. The Court or the Settlement Administrator will review the Claims, Challenges and Rebuttals and will resolve the Challenges. This process may take several months and we do not know when all Challenges will be resolved. No claims will be sent a determination letter until after the Challenges have been resolved. You may check back periodically for updates.

August 20, 2014: No updates yet.
November 26, 2014: No updates yet.
December 26, 2014: No updates yet.
January 31, 2015: No updates yet.

7 thoughts on “Moore vs. Verizon Settlement – Last call to get in on the action

  1. Verizon own me lots of money. I did try to call Settlement phone number it show on the pink card, but I could not get to talk to a real person. now I received a letter from Moore v. Verizon Settlement intimidating me or threating me . I do not understand what it is all about.

    I did not know what to do. Getting a Lawyer is too expensive. Please tell what is the right thing for me to do.
    Please reply by email at

    All I know is that Verizon did steal lots of money from me.

    I sent them a letter but they response it was A BIG THREATH FOR ME. I think Moore is protecting VERIZON and not ME

    Ana L Stevenson

  2. Ana, if you are in danger of getting sued or getting into any legal trouble please speak with a professional lawyer. You can search online for low cost or free legal services.

  3. In what I’ve read it seems that a settlement has been reached, however, I have not been contacted and there is no contact number available except for the one that is now disconnected. I reside in Fort Washington, MD. Do anyone know where I can get an active number. Thanking you in advance!

    • This settlement was from 2012. If you haven’t received a letter about this then I don’t think you would be eligible for it. The official site is also no longer working.

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