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Another Bored Money for those who have a mobile data plan.

I’ve been using the shopkick mobile app for 2 years now and thought I’ll talk about it since they’ve recently revamped their app.

20121105-171010.jpgIn a nutshell, as a shopkick user …

It rewards you with gift cards if you “walk-in” to specific stores and/or scan for specific products. It enables the GPS locator on your phone to verify that you are indeed “in” (and I use this very loosely) one of their partnered stores. Once you’re in the store, you’re off on a little scavenger hunt for specific products to scan in order to get additional points (aka kicks). If there’s nothing for you to scan, you can refer to the app for any impromptu coupons and offers, or link your credit card and every purchase you make will reward you with more kicks. At the end of the day, all your kicks can be transferred into gift cards from chain stores like Macy’s, Starbucks, and Target.

In a nutshell, as a shopkick business partner …

It’s an ingenious idea if you think of the increase of casual walk-in customers a business can potentially get. Essentially you’re getting people to not only step foot into your store, but also walk around and browse while they’re scavenge hunting for the products to scan. And you can splash coupons & new items available for sale to the users.

My experiences

The earlier versions of the app had a horrible “walk-in” tracker. Not sure if it’s my GPS or the way they determine the store location, but I’ll always get the annoying friendly message of not being able to “walk in”. And they’re really limited in the number of partnered stores, with Macy’s and Target being the bigger ones. But you can rack up kicks pretty fast especially when they offer bonus days. I’ve been able to claim 2 $10 Macy’s gift cards already, both are e-gift cards sent directly from Macy’s within 2 hours of the claim on the app. I’ve yet to try to link my credit card to the app (though I think they’re legit, I’m skeptical about giving out my credit card numbers to a mobile app, we’ll see how it goes.)

They also offer a friend referral bonus too. Use my link to sign up if you’re interested! Or you can download directly from Google Play for Android and iTunes for iPhone.

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