Mel’s 2013 Financial Resolutions

The list of 2012 goals wasn’t very long, but I’m glad that they were achieved. (You can check my recap here.) So now what are my financial goals for 2013 or rather my financial resolutions? Everybody should set some goals for themselves, writing it down is especially satisfying when you can brag about accomplishing them. 🙂

1. Max out my 401k. I know, how can a personal finance blogger not be maxing out her 401k?! That’s PF taboo right there. But truth is I’ve never maxed it out. Ever since I started working I’ve only been contributing about 50 percent (about $6k) annually. My thought process was that as long as I can get the max out of my employer’s contribution, I’m set, which I have been able to achieve. But as a responsible PF blogger, let’s make sure I don’t let this continue.

2. Redo my 401k portfolio. Along with my contribution, I’ve hardly ever look at my allocations. This year I want to take a closer look and make sure my portfolio meets my needs. I’ve kept a very conservative portfolio with most of my Continue reading

Mel’s Recap of 2012

New year new beginning, hopefully everyone had a great 2012 and may 2013 be even better.

Now’s the time to look back and see how you’ve done. Here is a recap of my financial goals that were set earlier in the year.

more blog posts
I’m glad to see that this blog has been populated with more posts, but I still don’t think that’s enough. Hoping to see more on a biweekly basis at least.

CD ladder
I’m proud to say that I have a CD ladder system in progress right now. I’ve detailed my tactical approach here before. Right now I have 6 CDs opened with my first one to mature next month! Rates are still very low and I’m thinking that 1% interest looks so much juicier than ever before. I’m looking to get another 3 going to complete the whole cycle. Look forward to my post on my ladder updates.

I think 2012 was a financially boring year for me. Compared to 2011, my net worth increased roughly about the same, at around 20%. I didn’t go on any grand vacations, only a few short weekend road trips. There were no major purchases this year. My family did, however, hire professional contractors to renovate our basement, kitchen, and bathroom, which I chipped in for. And I renovated and refurnished my bedroom at the end of the year on our own. All products from Ikea, maybe I’ll have a post on those purchases.

How did you do in 2012? Let us know!