Furniture Refinishing – Dresser

After taking advantage of a Lifebooker deal with my friends on a interior design class, I’ve been looking forward to a bedroom makeover. I wanted to switch out my twin size bed to a “big girl” bed as the instructor called it. Instructor specifically said that anyone over 16 should be sleeping on a full size bed or up (preferably a queen size). And I needed better consolidated wardrobe storage system. I had 1 standing wardrobe and 2 of those zippered canvas wardrobes along with a 5-drawer dresser! When I started doing some serious planning for my bedroom makeover, I was constantly contemplating what to do with my existing furniture. All my furniture was in great used condition and I wasn’t very enthusiastic about selling them on craigslist or just tossing them out. A few months back, I came across the iheartorganizing blog and got inspiration to a bunch of DIY and crafty projects. And it was from her post that I brought new life to my vintage 5 -drawer dresser.

Here’s the dresser in its original form. Sorry for the blurry picture! But it’s the only one I have. At first I thought my dresser was made of solid wood, unfortunately it was after I purchased the paint and hardware that I realize the dresser was made of particle boards. Oh well. But I did get a little worried that the particle boards might get warped with the addition of new paint. Crossing my fingers!

Vintage Dresser

Vintage Dresser

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Fraley v. Facebook, Inc. Class Action Settlement

If you haven’t heard already, you most likely would be eligible for the Fraley vs. Facebook Class Action Settlement once the Court gives final approval to the Settlement. The Class Action is against Facebook’s new “Sponsored Story” feature where they might be inadvertently feature you to an audience you’re not aware of. Frankly, as a software engineer, I see mistakes like this very easy to occur.

Facebook would be paying out $20 million to fund this Class Action! But with the ginormous user pool that they have, everybody is expected to receive a maximum of $10 (it all depends on how many times they have featured you in a Sponsor Story.)

Keep an eye out on your inbox for an email regarding this class action. You will need your unique Class Action Member ID number (included in the email). For those who have young children, you can also submit a claim form on their behalf. Claim forms must be submitted before May 2, 2013. You can submit it electronically here.

De-clutter & Feel Good About It

I’ve been making preparations for renovating my bedroom so I’ve been clearing and uncovering a lot of things that are now useless to me. I’m a big hoarder, so amongst those items you’ll find items ranging from books to clothes to Happy Meal toys. As an attempt to be more organized and reduce stress-inducing clutter, I’ve been trying to rid of these things, but I don’t want to just throw them out, especially when some of these things are brand new/like new (some of my clothes still have tags on it!). So here is my plan of attack and trying to feel good about myself for doing so.

For clothes that are lightly worn, there are numerous Goodwill donation centers. I also save some denim clothing that isn’t suitable for donations for the blue to green drives that American Eagle and Gap hosts every once in a while. (If you don’t want to wait, you can Continue reading