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After taking advantage of a Lifebooker deal with my friends on a interior design class, I’ve been looking forward to a bedroom makeover. I wanted to switch out my twin size bed to a “big girl” bed as the instructor called it. Instructor specifically said that anyone over 16 should be sleeping on a full size bed or up (preferably a queen size). And I needed better consolidated wardrobe storage system. I had 1 standing wardrobe and 2 of those zippered canvas wardrobes along with a 5-drawer dresser! When I started doing some serious planning for my bedroom makeover, I was constantly contemplating what to do with my existing furniture. All my furniture was in great used condition and I wasn’t very enthusiastic about selling them on craigslist or just tossing them out. A few months back, I came across the iheartorganizing blog and got inspiration to a bunch of DIY and crafty projects. And it was from her post that I brought new life to my vintage 5 -drawer dresser.

Here’s the dresser in its original form. Sorry for the blurry picture! But it’s the only one I have. At first I thought my dresser was made of solid wood, unfortunately it was after I purchased the paint and hardware that I realize the dresser was made of particle boards. Oh well. But I did get a little worried that the particle boards might get warped with the addition of new paint. Crossing my fingers!

Vintage Dresser

Vintage Dresser

I chose a very similar color scheme as Jen’s dresser. I chose Behr’s Regatta Bay which is a grayish deep blue. Didn’t need a lot of paint, only bought a quart size at Home Depot for $15 and I have more than half the quart can left even after 2 coats. Got it in a satin finish for a smooth, no sheen finish.


Behr’s Premium Plus in Regatta Bay

Before painting, I used a stainable wood filler to fill in any uneven surfaces. Mostly it was used on the drawer pull holes since I was switching out the drawer hardware and wasn’t sure if the hole sizes still matched. The surface of the drawers were also scratched up by the old drawer pulls, so the wood filler was quite handy.


First coat in process

I used a small 3″ foam brush roller to ensure an even coat. You can probably use a regular paint brush, but I was worried about brush strokes and the possibility of sanding in between coats.


After 2 coats of paint

The foam roller also made the job super quick and easy. Waited about 90 minutes in between coats. I also painted the inside of the drawers in Ultra Pure White using some leftover paint.

And now the final product!! The drawer knobs are from Anthropologie. They were originally $8 but I got them on sale for $3 each. Total was $30 before taxes.


New Dresser!

The total for this project was $45 before taxes. I guess it’s not too bad compared to getting a brand new dresser (even Ikea ones are priced at around $200) and I rather enjoy this little DIY project and being able to bring new life to my old dresser.

What are your preferred furniture color schemes? Color paint or wood stain? My family thought I was out of my mind for choosing blue paint on wooden furniture. But I really like how it is a little “Anthropologie-styled”. =)

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