Keymans Hotel in Taipei (懷寧旅店)

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For our first lodging in Taipei, we chose Keymans Hotel (懷寧旅店). We found this hotel while searching for hotels near the popular Taipei Main Station (台北車站). (For search terms, check out our previous post.)  We picked this hotel mainly because of it’s proximity to Taipei Main Station and affordability.

Keymans is one of the few hotels that have a website with both English and Chinese. They also provide a lot of detail regarding their room rates and room pictures. The reservation procedure on their website was fairly easy and clear. You can see exactly how many rooms they have available on each day of the month. They do require your credit card during reservation and will put a hold on it till you check in. Charges will be made after you check into the hotel. Also all charges are made in NTD (New Taiwanese Dollar). You can always e-mail them with any questions you may have regarding the reservations. Their customer representative usually respond rather quickly in fluent English.

Keymans is located about 4 blocks away from Taipei Main Station. It was easy to get to even with us lugging all our luggage. Here’s a quick road map of how to get to Keymans Hotel.

Keymans Big Green Sign. Beware! It's NOT in ENGLISH.

Keymans Big Green Sign. Beware! It’s NOT in ENGLISH.

Good thing we knew how to read Chinese, otherwise it would have been slightly hard to locate Keymans. On the pedestrian sidewalk, you can only see Keymans’ hotel sign in Chinese. Normally, check in time is at 2PM, checkout time is 12PM. When we arrived it was already almost 11PM and the check-in procedure went smoothly.

The staff aren’t exactly fluent in English, but they were very helpful. Their “business center” is a laptop and printer set up in the lobby right next to the main entrance. But it’s free to use for guests provided you know how to use Windows in Chinese.

Our hallway looking down at other floors

Our hallway looking down at other floors

Our hallway looking up at other floors

Our hallway looking up at other floors

Keymans has a restaurant located on the top floor of the building which offers complimentary continental breakfast. During our hotel search, every single hotel in Taipei offers complimentary breakfast buffets. The restaurant was small with simple modern decor. They claim to have both Asian and Western breakfast styles. Western style really refers to the toasts and juice. It is buffet style, so you can walk up and pick and choose per your liking. Their plain congee was my favorite part.

Here's a sample of our breakfast

Here’s a sample of our breakfast

Now for the hotel rooms. We booked 2 rooms, a Twin Room (RM702) and a Standard Room (don’t remember the room number, but it was right next door to ours in between a mini concierge/cleaning station).

The Twin Room room rate was NT1920 (current rates are now higher, please refer to Keyman’s website for more details on current pricing). The 2 twin beds are really narrow and really only fits one person, it’s different from the American standard twin size beds. The beds were pretty hard but sheets were clean. There is a small fridge and the cleaning crew leaves 2 bottles of spring water in there, complimentary of the hotel.

Twin Room from the outsid

Twin Room from the outside

The 2 Twin Beds (not the same size as American standards)

The 2 Twin Beds (not the same size as American standards

The other side of the room

The other side of the room

The bathroom had a wide range of toiletries, from razor to shower cap to shampoo, conditioner and hand soap. But just a quick note, the tub is elevated, so if you are 5’8″ or taller you might have trouble standing up straight for the shower. Overall a clean room.

Twin Room's bathroom

Twin Room’s bathroom

The Standard Room room rate was NT1720. It consists of 1 double bed. The decor and furniture looks almost exactly like the Twin room.

Standard room with double bed

Standard room with double bed

Standard room's bathroom

Standard room’s bathroom

Keymans offer a free concierge service where they would help keep an eye on your luggage if you arrived too early or would have rather leave later. All luggage are kept behind a net in the main lobby next to the 2 elevators. They give you a ticket with the number of luggage you want them to keep watch. Not REALLY secure, but it beats having to hull around your luggage if you still have a full day ahead of you before going to the airport, etc. We utilize this service when we checked out because we weren’t expecting to check-in to our next hotel till later at night.

Overall, I think we will stay at Keymans again. The price and location of the hotel is ideal for the budget traveler, but if you are looking for more of a luxurious stay, then maybe Keymans isn’t for you.

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