Rebalancing my 401k

I’ve decided to lower my monthly contributions for the foreseeable future to just 5% pre-tax contribution and 1% for Roth contributions from 12% and 3% respectively. I’ve been contributing that amount for the past 2-3 years so I figured it was time to cut back. I will probably increase my contributions for a few months later on, but this is my plan for now.

While lowering my contributions and clicking around the website, I noticed that there were fees associated with all the funds that I’ve been contributing to so I decided to switch to index funds only and some low fee funds.

My current allocations are now:

Large Cap Value Index Fund 15%
Large Cap Growth Index Fund 15%
S&P 500 Index Fund 15%
Small Cap Index Fund 15%
International Large Cap Index Fund 15%
International Small Cap Index Fund 5%
Emerging Market Equity Index Fund 5%
Short-Term Fixed Income Fund 10%
Stable Value Fund 5%

I am aiming for 85% in stocks and 15% in fixed income. What do you think? What are your current allocations?

2 thoughts on “Rebalancing my 401k

  1. Cool! This is a good reminder that I have to work on my 2013 Financial goals. I actually am more conservative and have most of my 401k in fixed income.

  2. You missed so much of the uptick of the stock market! Actually my portfolio was a mess before. I had target date funds, company stock, gov’t inflation protection bonds, and not enough stocks overall, just bits in too many pots. Plus a lot of these funds had really high fees (ie, $4-8 for every $1,000 invested). I wasn’t able to find the fees before so I didn’t realize they existed. 😉

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