Poncho Free Weather Service for NYC residents: review + referral link

Poncho Homepage

Poncho Homepage

I have been using this free weather service for the past month now. It’s good for people who forget to check the weather before heading out the door in the morning. Who hasn’t done that before? I pretty much forget every morning, except now I see my phone flashing indicating that I got a new text. If the poncho text info is lacking, I check my weather.com app instead.

I currently have it set to text me twice a day and once during the weekends. Details that Poncho offer are pollen levels, alternative street parking rules and train delays. Their service is only for residents in the New York City area.

Personal Settings in Poncho

Personal Settings in Poncho

Since they try not to put too many words in the text, they also provide a short link that has more detail.

Detailed Summary of the Day's Information

Detailed Summary of the Day’s Information

Other text that I’ve gotten:

Clear again, but a tad warmer with temps hitting the low 70s. Time to figure out the outfit that will keep you warm AND cool through the day. (morning text)

“Goodnight moon. Good night stars. Good night beautiful evening in the mid 60s” – me before I go to bed tonight. (evening text)

All clear on the weather front. Temps will drop below 60 this evening, so be sure to bundle up. Or make chili. Or a hot toddy. Jus sayin’. (evening text)

For everyone upset over some of last night’s Emmy wins or Breaking Bad, cheer up. There’s a crisp, clear day in the mid-60s waiting for you! (morning text)

Last night’s rain will tapper out by the early morning, leading to a cool, clear day with temps in the high 60s. Off to a good start! ASP rules will be suspended on 9/27 for Simchas Torah. (morning text)

Last bit of information is that Poncho is currently running a referral program where every 5 friends that you get to join the service, you will receive a free Poncho umbrella and a chance to win an iPhone 5c! If you decide to join, please use my referral link. Once you join, you will be able to see your own referral link. Post in the comment section below and maybe we can start a referral link train. I will cross out my link once I get an email indicating I have reached my 5 referrals. Sweepstakes period is Sept 20 – Oct 10, 2013 at at 11:59pm. Complete rules here.


poncho_referral_swagWhile the last referral promotion has ended, Poncho has started an ongoing referral program. Refer up to 25 people to get the 3 gifts.
5 referrals will get you a pair of sunglasses, 10 will get you the umbrella, and 25 will get you headphones.

My referral link: http://poncho.is/register/?ref=iCzqS

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