DIY Project – Diamond Tufted Upholstered Headboard

When I was refurnishing my bedroom, I knew I wanted a full size bed with under-bed storage and a upholstered headboard. Unfortunately, after searching high and low, I realize those 3 things apparently do NOT exist together. There are many queen/king size beds like that, but not in a full size. So I decided to put together my own bed just the way I want it. I bought the Ikea Mandal bed frame which comes with 4 drawers. The only thing that is missing is the headboard which I was inspired to DIY myself after seeing the loads of DIY tutorials online. This project took me almost a year to finally accomplish and now it’s done! My very first attempt to the popular DIY diamond tufted upholstered headboard!


Finished Diamond Tufted Headboard

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Food for Thought: Paying Yourself First


Rich Dad Poor Dad (image from

I’ve finally gotten a chance to read the famous “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki (well I was listening to the audiobook, free trial from, though I haven’t finish, there was a lesson from Kiyosaki that left an impression on me, his emphasis on “paying yourself first, before your other creditors.” The whole idea is to make sure your paycheck benefits you first, not to your mortgage payments, electric bill or even taxes, so that when those payments are due, you find ways to pay them off. Of course, Kiyosaki isn’t trying to persuade you to not pay your debt, but instead you should let those payment dues become your motivation to look for more ways to earn money to pay them.

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