Cashback for Holiday Shopping

Updated 2013 – You might have noticed retailers starting the holiday season already. A large portion of sales occurs in the holiday season and with Thanksgiving is arriving much later than past years, this year everybody is trying to get a head start. Just a quick reminder to help you save a few extra dollars for your holiday shopping using cash back sites like below.

I never thought I’ll have to write a post like this since many people have become savvy shoppers in the eCommerce market but in lieu of the holiday shopping frenzies I realize terms like Ebates and BigCrumbs mean nothing to my coworkers. So I thought I’ll share here my little rule of thumb: before you checkout at ANY online shopping website, do a quick search at and see how much cashback you can get on your purchase on top of coupons! And yes, this is also on top of the cashback that you receive from your credit cards (does not include the shopping portals from your credit card carrier.)

There are so many online cashback programs that aim to help businesses direct potential customer traffic their way. Here is an overview of 2 that I am most actively participating in.


Ebates is one of the top cashback programs out there today. They offer cashback in over 1500 stores and they’ll offer promotions where you can earn twice as much cashback as you normally do. They will mail you a paper check quarterly with your earnings as long as you have over $5 in your account. First time users generally receive a $5 bonus. And you will receive another $5 per person that signs up through your referral. Their customer service usually responds within 24 hours if you have any problems with your earnings.

My referral link here for those interested! =)

BigCrumbs also offers over 1500 online shopping stores and most of the time, they’ll offer maybe 0.5% more than Ebates. They strongly advertise how they are “better” than their competitor Ebates.  For example, they pay you monthly instead of quarterly AND they send it to you via PayPal (so no worries about lost checks in the mail, but they do have a processing fee of 2% on your cashback payout which maxes at $1.) Their referral programs differs slightly. Instead of giving you a one-time upfront referral credit when your friend signs up, BigCrumbs offers a lifetime of earnings to you every time your friend shops through their own BigCrumbs account. Usually that alludes to 0.5% of their spending goes to you as cashback. So that means, if your friends shop for $1000, you’ll get $5 in referral earnings

My referral link here for those interested! =)

Are you part of any other cashback program? Feel free to comment below and let me know! I don’t mind signing up to more cashback. =)

This is probably the last post before the holidays. I want to wish you all a Happy Holidays and a joyous New Year!

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