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logo_bluebox¬†With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales going through the normal hustle and bustle I thought I should share some additional saving tips that you might not realize you have access to. It’s been on your American Express (AMEX) card all along. AMEX offers gives you a statement credit back as long as you spend a designated amount as per each offer’s requirements. For example, an offer can be a $25 statement credit for a $75 charge to your AMEX card. Most of them are one time statement credits and I’ve seen all the offer credits on my account the next day charges are cleared.

American Express Offers have been around for a while (mostly through promotions on social media like Facebook and Twitter) but you don’t necessarily have to share your credit card information with them if you don’t feel comfortable. Log into your AMEX account online and checkout what Offers you have available to you with just a few clicks!

These Offers are available for every AMEX card member but what is currently available for you might not be available for your spouse or vice versa. You will have to “save” individual offers to your card in order to activate these offers. And once you do, read the fine print of each offer and you’re on your way to some crazy savings. Remember this is on TOP of what the individual store’s coupons and promotions AND you can earn cash back while doing so. Unless otherwise stated, the spend amount required includes taxes and shipping fees and not on the sub total purchase.

Here are some awesome offers I see on my AMEX card right now. $25 credit on $75 (yes!!!), $25 credit back on $75 Staples purchase, $50 back on $250 Coach purchase, and one of the best ones is $5 back on every $25 purchase at BP until Dec 31!


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