Hallmark Card Rewards Program Review

Note: Though I haven’t successfully redeem any rewards yet, I thought this program came just in time for the holidays and didn’t want any of you to miss out on it.


Hallmark, the crown of all greeting cards, now offer a new rewards program – Hallmark Card Rewards (yes very original name). Don’t confuse this with their Crown Rewards program which only gives you credit at their Hallmark Crown store locations. Instead, all you have to do is sign up and purchase Hallmark branded greeting cards. The purchase can be made at ANY location and not necessarily Hallmark Crown stores.

What you have to do …

For every greeting card you purchase, you will have to log into your account and let Hallmark know. You can either scan the bar code on the card via the new Hallmark Card Rewards app (available for both Android & Apple) or you can log in and enter the UPC code on their website via the “Report a Card” feature.

And that’s it! Hallmark will automatically keep track of the number of cards you have.

How to redeem goodies … 

For every 5 cards reported, Hallmark automatically converts them into a reward credit. Each reward credit is good for gift cards. Right now it looks like each reward credit can get you $5 at Starbucks, Nike or Applebees. But interestingly, they have a banking system with these reward credits. You can only redeem a reward credit 1 month after you earned them.  And reward credits must be redeemed within 2 months, otherwise you forfeit them. ( I assume this is how they are restricting so that they don’t lose out as much?)

Other restrictions …

And there are a few other restrictions as well, like you can’t report more than 20 cards a month, get more than 4 reward credits in a month or more than 24 reward credits in a year. But 24 x 5 = 120 greeting cards purchased in a year sounds a little excessive to me.

Anyway, this might be a little nice perk for those who still insist on mailing out greeting cards to family for the holidays. I know my family still does it. There’s just something sweet and warming when opening up a greeting card whether it’s for the holidays, your birthday or Valentine’s day.

Happy Holidays to all!  And do let us know if you signed up for this and redeemed a reward already.


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