Mel’s Recap of 2013

It’s that time of the year again! To look back and review my 2013 accomplishments. You can read about the goals I’ve set for myself for 2013 in detail here.

1. Max out my 401k. The maximum contribution limit for 2013 was $17,500. Though I did not reach that goal, I double my contributions from the previous year. I’m satisfied with my contributed amount for 2013 and I think it is a good goal to keep annually until I retire.

2. Redo my 401k portfolio. Truthfully I haven’t given each fund that I allocate to much thought, but I did pull myself away from stable value or money market funds that had returns barely above inflation. I revisited all my funds every 2-3 months and am glad to report that I had a 2013 return of 13%.

3. Update this blog. This blog have gone through some face lifts and minor changes. We have a Facebook page now (Like our page for updates.) There are new subscription categories and we’ve embedded many of WordPress features and logins. Very glad to see in the latter part of the year that our Citi Dividend categories posts became the #1 result from Google search! Hopefully more of those to come.

4. Budget myself. I was very happy to see that I had a lot of safe control on this one for the most part of the year. No re-allocation of any budgets until the last quarter of 2013 when all the end of the year sales started and holiday shopping took a haul on my budgeting. This will probably be something I have to work on for 2014.

I’m very satisfy with myself in terms of my 2013 goals. Have you made any resolutions in the beginning of 2013? How did you do?

Time to think and look ahead for 2014. Happy 2014 everyone!




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