CPR Training 101 Guide

I recently took a CPR certification training through the Rescue Training Institute set up via Meetup.com. I found it extremely informative and empowering to feel a bit more capable of dealing with an emergency. The class lasted 4 hours and our instructor worked as an EMT. The certification expires within a year and arrived in less than a week via USPS postal mail.

As part of the training, we were able to get hands on training using both adult and infant dummies for practice. We were also given our own face masks which we practiced using on the dummies. The face mask kit contained a face mask, gloves and alcohol wipes. There’s also a more portable mask available that is a plastic barrier with a filter. This type of mask is less safe but much more convenient.

I’ve included a CPR training video that I found. It is in line with what I learned during training.  Continue reading