Fire Drill Saftey Tips

I recently had a fire drill at work. While this is not uncommon and it’s usually uneventful and boring, this time we got a new guy explaining it. He made it informative and enjoyable. I did learn some things from him this time so I thought I’d share it with everyone by compiling a short list.

2014-05-22 12.57.34Fire Safety Tips:

  • Know where your exit staircases are located and what they’re named. Take a picture of the floor plan using your smart phone so you can check when you forget. If you need to know during an emergency you can check on your phone first to save time. If an announcement notifies you to use a certain staircase, you need to know all the staircase locations and names.
  • Always use the stairs and not the elevator during an emergency. Elevators may be turned off. You don’t want to waste time waiting for an elevator that may not come.
  • Know where your building’s emergency meeting area is so that you can meet up with others who know what is happening.
  • Always keep a pair of sneakers at your cubicle if you tend to wear high-heeled shoes or flip-flops. Flip flops can be lost during emergencies since others behind you may step on them and you cannot walk fast with them on. High heeled shoes will not allow you to walk fast and for long periods of time.
  • If you see smoke or a fire, pull the fire alarm. Know where the fire alarm is located. Pulling the fire alarm will sound the alarm, notify the fire warden and the fire department.
  • When you reach the staircase exit, do not open the door. First touch the door and handle with the back of your hand to check the temperature. If it’s hot, do not open the door.
  • If you are in a room with a fire, evacuate the room and close the door behind you. Leave and pull the fire alarm.
  • Scream fire if the alarm sounds and no one moves. Many people do not believe in the fire alarm.
  • If there is smoke, get down and crawl to the nearest staircase exit. There should be signs on the floor.
  • If there is smoke, crawl away from cubicles. They are a good place for an unconscious person to be hidden and rescuers won’t see them.

Do you have anymore tips? Share them in the comments!

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