Bank of America World Wildlife Fund Credit Card

I’ve finally canceled my Citi Thank You Premier credit card (you can follow the whole story here) and now I’m on the hunt for a new card that would be able to complement my 1st Financial Bank card. My 1st Financial Bank credit card already gives me a steady 2% cash back on all purchases plus no foreign transaction fees at $0 annual fee (this is a special offer made to me, you might not be able to qualify with the same.)  I’m looking for a card that has comparable benefits, preferably with a sign up bonus as well. The next series of posts would be quick reviews of all the potential candidates.


Now you can justify your shopping sprees with the Bank of America World Wildlife Fund credit card! (controlled spending only, ok?) This card is a bit unique, for every purchase you make, BofA would donate 0.25% of your purchase to WWF. That’s a quarter for every $100 purchase, not exactly a mind-blowing amount, but it’s still something. And every year you renew keep the card, they’ll donate $5 to WWF. They also have similar cards that go to different charity foundations, for example, they have one for the Susan G. Komen foundation and I know my alma mater also offers this BofA credit card.

Other benefits include a category specific bonus similar to the AMEX Blue Cash card – 3% cash back on gas, 2% at grocery stores and 1% for everything else. If you have a BofA checking or savings account, you can get an extra 10% when depositing into your account. This means the card has a potential of giving you a 3.3% cash back! But all this is subject to only the first $1500 of purchase each quarter, any amount above that would only yield 1% cash back. Redemption also requires a minimum of $25.

Foreign transaction fees apply but there is no annual fee. It is a Visa Signature credit card too, so you can take advantage of offers exclusive to Visa Signature holders (such as the Fandango buy 1 get 1 movie ticket offers in the summer time.) If you apply for the card online, they are currently offering a $100 cash reward bonus if you make a purchase of $500 or more within the first 90 days of account opening.

Do you have one of these BofA cash rewards? How long does it take to actually get the statement credits or checks if you don’t have a BofA account?

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