1GB of Free Dropbox Storage with Mailbox App Download

Dropbox remains one of my favorite file sharing services because all my phone pictures are automatically uploaded there. (Heard too many horror stories of phones getting lost, stolen and even taking a swim and losing precious-never-recoverable pictures.)  So seeing as I’m always running out of my free storage space (videos of your cute dog takes up a lot of space!), this new offer was a no brainer.


Dropbox launched the Mailbox app (a email management app) last year and now wants to spread the word by offering 1 GB of free Dropbox storage if you install the Mailbox app. Available for download via Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Haven’t really given it a try yet, but I see it only supports Google and iCloud accounts right now. All it does is really organize your inbox for you but not necessarily removing any of the emails from your inbox.

Any how, the 1 GB of storage is automatically added to your Dropbox account the moment you set up the Mailbox app (you don’t even need to add any of your email accounts yet.)

If you’ve reached this far and have no idea what Dropbox is, you can sign up here via my referral link. =)

BarkBox January 2015 Review

As a first time dog owner, I definitely spoil my semi-rambunctious Shiba Inu girl. Spoil her enough to sign up for a subscription service for her! I’m always getting her new treats and toys and I shy away from getting lower grade products that you’ll usually find at big chain suppliers like Petco and Petsmart. It’s hard to find healthier alternatives especially when I don’t have a means of knowing what brands are indeed good. (Brands made popular from heavy advertisements and commercials are usually the ones you should stay away.) BarkBox caught my eye when it showed up as a Groupon deal a few times.

A quick Google search shows that they have fairly decent products in each box. Although it is a pricey $29/month subscription with free shipping, but they guarantee that each box will have $40 value plus 10% of their proceeds are donated to animal shelters. Prices are better if you subscribe for a longer term.  The Groupon deal yielded to $18.33/month for 6 month subscription for me. That’s close to how much I spend on a monthly basis for my dog so it didn’t take me that long to click the “Checkout” button.


BarkBox January 2015 Contents

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Amex Reward Dollar Gift Card Sale

I just logged into my Amex Blue Cash account and noticed that they’re running a sale promotion on their Reward Dollars (RD). This comes in handy to curve the overall amount of cashback you’re actually getting from the card.


Amex Reward Dollar Sale – Jan 2015

From now till Jan 15 (or while supplies last) you can get 1 of 4 gift cards for 10% fewer Reward Dollars. Redeem for a Macy’s, Barnes & Noble, Brooks Brothers or Nike gift card at $45 RD for a $50 value or $90 for a $100 value. Successfully bringing your 1% cashback to 1.1% cashback. Of course would be more if you only use it for the 3% cashback at supermarkets, but you get the idea.

You should be able to see this offer once you log into your Amex account.