Free FitBit Flex with TD Bank Account Opening


Just saw this new promo and had to share. From now till March 7, TD Bank is offering a free FitBit Flex (normally $99). All you need is to open up a checking or savings account, get a debit card and set up your online banking. There’s no mention of any minimum deposit requirements or crazy hoops. Not available online, you will have to go in person to a local branch. More details here.

If you’re interested, some ideas of possible accounts are the TD Simple Savings or TD Convenience Checking. The TD Simple Savings account has a requirement of minimum daily balance of $300 and 0.05% APY interest rate. The TD Convenience Checking is a minimum daily balance of $100 to waive any monthly maintenance fee.

Would you be taking advantage? Do you currently own a fitness tracker? Both Tracy and I active fitness tracker wearers and so expect detail reviews to come up soon.


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