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Verizon currently has a rewards program to reward loyal customers who pay their bills on time called My Verizon Rewards. This rewards program works similar to credit card points where every 100 points is redeemable for $1. You will get 50 points for every online bill pay completed on time (works with automatic payment as well), 100 when it’s your birthday, 150 points if you sign up for paper free billing and much more. Check out all the ways you can earn more points. You’ll also need to check your account every once in a while since these points do expire. 500 of my points are expiring next month so I was forced to redeem what I could. You can redeem for gift cards from stores like, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks or even better, for a Visa prepaid card. Once you open an account, you can get your future reward redemption to get loaded on the card. I just redeemed for $10 on the Visa prepaid card.


4 thoughts on “My Verizon Rewards – Review

  1. I have tried submitting my info 5 times.
    I am reporting this situation to the Federal Trade Commission for consumer protection. I switched strictly because I was told all switching fees would be covered. It has been over 2 months since I changed and I and still trying to submit documentation.
    I even spent 2.5 hours in my local corporate store asking one of your employee to satisfy your request.
    This is ridiculous.

    • RYoder, sorry to hear you are having issues with Verizon. Please contact Verizon via their Contact Us page as we are not affiliated with Verizon in anyway. Good luck on solving your issue.

  2. Be sure to monitor the My Rewards program carefully as I redeemed 1100 points and had $10 placed on a previously provided Verizon Visa card and when I went to use the card it failed. I was informed by Verzion that the card had expired as they switched to MasterCard and Verizon was unwilling to at least reinstate the 1100 points to my account, pretty poor customer service on their part.

    • Ron, thanks for the info. My Verizon Visa card recently expired too and as you said, they are moving to Mastercard. Actually my Verizon account got closed because I tried to switch to an internet based phone service with a different provider. Not sure who screwed up (I assume Verizon since they were pressuring me to move to FiOS) but I was pissed since I was left with no phone or internet and decided to go with a different company. I agree, Verizon customer service is incredibly lacking. I assume you’re on DSL as well since you have this point feature on your account. My understanding is FiOS customers do not have this. Be careful if you decide to make any changes to your account and if your neighborhood has access to FiOS.

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