American Kennel Club’s Meet the Breeds of 2015

This year’s American Kennel Club Meet the Breeds event was held on Valentine’s Day on Feb 14, 2015 in the middle of another snowstorm at Pier 92 of New York City. Tickets were available for sale online at $20 for the Meet the Breeds event and if you’re interested in watching the Westminister Masters Agility Championship, you can add another $15 for a total of $35 for both events.

This year, the Agility Championship and Meet the Breeds were in separate buildings. And despite the snowy weather, there were many people (with many bringing their families) lining up for the event.

Line for Meet the Breeds in the snow

Line for Meet the Breeds in the snow



Westminister Kennel Club Agility Championship

There was no line for the Agility show so we stepped in there first to stay away from the snow. There were two large obstacle courses. Each dog finished the course with their trainers in an average of 40 seconds.




Though the final judging wasn’t part of this event, FYI the Best in Show goes to the Beagle this year!

Heading over to the Meet the Breeds section, the line was moving but it was still about a 20 min wait on the line. Unlike the previous year’s event held in September 2013 that showcased both dogs and cats with numerous vendors, this year’s Meet the Breeds was only for dogs and only a handful of vendors.

Here’s a snippet of all the furry cuteness that day – there were so much more and I felt so bad for them so many of them just passed out on the tables from the hectic day.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi - notice where the I <3 Corgi sticker is located and where the lady is aiming her camera.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi – notice where the I <3 Corgi sticker is and where the lady is aiming her camera


A Chow Chow – in a cute Asian outfit


This poodle was sitting like this the entire time. A proper lady


Puli – The dreadlocks!


Bedlington Terrier – so flexible and that one in the middle must be dreaming of running away.


The fluffy sheep dogs!


These Samoyeds look so stunning together.


This was another great event to learn about different breeds of dogs. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any vendors giving away freebies and samples this year. But to make up for it, I found out that the AKC has their own credit card – 3x points on pet related expenses, 2x for grocery & gas and 1x on everything else. Most importantly you can personalized the credit card with your own pet! Check here for details.

Do share if you’ve been to the event, I think a few breeds left early as it took us forever to finally get in.

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