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Discover Cashback Checking Debit CardAn offer got mailed to me to open a Discover Checking account, so I decided to give it a try. I am currently using this account to pay all my online bills. This checking account is online only, includes free checks and a debit card. Withdrawals are free and reimbursed from any ATM. The biggest benefit is the 10 cents you get for every debit card purchase, online bill pay and check that you write. While this isn’t much, it’s still good for those times that I can only use online bill pay for such as paying for utilities such as gas or electricity, as well as paying off credit card bills. So on top of the points you earn for using your credit cards, you will get another 10 cents for paying off that credit card. There is also a promotion going on right now that will last until July, all debit card purchases will earn double rewards (20 cents).

If this isn’t a big enough incentive (which I admit is quite small), you can check out my other post about the best banking combo that I’ve come across. Both the Santander and Apple Bank offers are still available.

Also, the access to this checking account will be combined with your Discover credit card log in. If you have 2 Discover credit cards like I do, you will need to decide which account to link this checking account to. Reward redemption can either be transferred to your credit card or transferred to the checking account, but will need to be manually redeemed. There are no minimum redemption amount.

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  1. Looks like they’re currently offering $50 bonus for anyone opening an account by June 30, 2015. I saw it on the front page

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