Personal Experience: Credit Card Fraud After New Purchases

Yup, I’ve become a victim of credit card fraud.

I keep track and check my purchases on my credit cards almost on a weekly basis. It helps me with my YNAB budgeting if I do it weekly so I won’t lose any transactions. This past week, I realize there were 2 Starbucks card reloads on my credit card a week earlier (I don’t drink Starbucks. And there’s already news about hackers using Starbucks as a medium. )

I quickly called my credit card company and canceled my credit card. Also identified the charges that I did not make and they should be refunding me those charges. Everything was easy but boy was that a headache. But the biggest headache that I had was “where” and “how” did those hackers get my credit card info! Last year it was Home Depot and Michael’s but I haven’t heard of any major companies hacks lately. Then I realized those two charges happened during the exact time I made my very first purchase on MAC Cosmetics online. My credit card company wasn’t able to identify the transaction times for me to pin point exactly.  I also made a phone call to MAC to alert them of my suspicions. But, of course, they just took it as, we will block your credit card from any future purchases from now on.  I don’t think they’ll launch any investigation on their side or have even logged the fact that I told them their online store might have been hacked.

Anyway, I only want to share my recent experience and suspicions today and hopefully it’ll be a good reminder to all to check your credit card purchases regularly. It’s always a good idea to keep track of all your purchases and don’t be fooled by the small charges that these credit card thieves are charging. They’re purposely doing that so that they can slip by!

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