Noll vs eBay Class Action Settlement

ebaylogo Here’s a new class action settlement that showed up in my inbox yesterday. This one is in place for those who have paid listing fees on Good ‘Til Canceled listings on eBay from September 2008 till June 2012. The amount would be calculated and added to your account automatically for you. Click here for more details.

Personally, I also fell victim to the confusing rules behind the “Good ‘Til Canceled”. Did you know that Good ‘Til Canceled are just 30 day listings that automatically get relisted on your behalf? So essentially if you leave you listing alone for 6 months, you will be charged 6 times the 30 day listing fee.  I can see why Noll won, it is very confusing, and I only found out the hard way after seeing extra listing fee charges on my monthly statement.  I’m glad somebody set that one straight with eBay.

Anybody else that fell victim to the GTC fees?