NYC Restaurant Week Is Back with $5 Amex Offer



It’s back! NYC Restaurant for summer 2015 will be running from July 20 to August 14. As seen in the past few times, Amex is offering $5 credit back for every $25 charged at any of the participating restaurants (up to 4 times).  It seems the prices go up every time so this would be a little bit of help. Check here for a list of participating restaurants. And don’t forget to reserve with OpenTable just to get some extra credits.

Let us know if you’ve checked out any good restaurants. I seem to go to the same ones all the time. My favorite restaurants are always Hatsuhana and Cherry!

Discover it Credit Card $50 Sign Up Bonus

Discover it

(Updated Oct 3, this is still on valid.) Right now Discover has a referral program where you can refer a friend to sign up for the Discover it credit card and both you and the new cardholder will get $50 cashback after they make their first purchase within 3 months.

Here is my referral link if you’re interested.

Discover it is a fairly simple card, with 5% rotating categories and their shopping referral program always give great cashback. Here is my last review of the card if you want more details.



Deal Alert: Amex Offers $30 off Your Cell Phone Bill and Restaurant Week

logo_bluebox There are new American Express Offers on the horizon. Log into your American Express account and add the offer “Save on your Cell Phone Bill”. You’ll be able to get a $10 statement credit for every $75 charged to your card by one of the 5 major carriers – T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular or Sprint. You can use this offer 3 times for a total of $30 off.

NYC Restaurant Week is running from Feb 16 to Mar 6 and once again American Express has another $5 statement credit for every $25 charged from participating restaurants. No mention of the maximum times you can use it. You must register for the offer here.  For a list of participating restaurants, check here.


Amex Reward Dollar Gift Card Sale

I just logged into my Amex Blue Cash account and noticed that they’re running a sale promotion on their Reward Dollars (RD). This comes in handy to curve the overall amount of cashback you’re actually getting from the card.


Amex Reward Dollar Sale – Jan 2015

From now till Jan 15 (or while supplies last) you can get 1 of 4 gift cards for 10% fewer Reward Dollars. Redeem for a Macy’s, Barnes & Noble, Brooks Brothers or Nike gift card at $45 RD for a $50 value or $90 for a $100 value. Successfully bringing your 1% cashback to 1.1% cashback. Of course would be more if you only use it for the 3% cashback at supermarkets, but you get the idea.

You should be able to see this offer once you log into your Amex account.


Deal Alert: $25 for $50 Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th Vouchers



From Living Social – they currently have a $50 Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th ( voucher for $35. Get an extra $10 off any $30+ deal with promo code SHOPEARLY and get this voucher for $25.

Don’t forget those cashbacks! Currently 9% cashback at BigCrumbs and 6% at Ebates. (All links on this page are my referral links.)

Deal Alert: American Express $5 for NYC Restaurant Week 2014



There’s still one more week of NYC Restaurant Week left and wanted to remind those who have AmEx credit cards to not forget to use this offer. Get $5 off every $25 purchase at any participating restaurant from now till Aug 15, 2014. And NO, you do NOT need to order only from the restaurant week menu, as long as you have $25 to charge on your credit card, it would qualify.

Make sure to register your AmEx card here. And you can take advantage of this offer as many times as you want. It’s not just a one time deal.

Here is a list of participating restaurants. Happy Summer Eating!

Booking Tips for Cheap Flights

Summer’s already in full swing, how many of you have summer travel plans already? I’ve been asked for help with tips to book cheap flights before (and this includes Tracy, our dear co-author here on FatPiggy). So I figured I’ll consolidate some of the tips here so that it’ll be easy to look up next time.

Tip #1 – Book Early

I know that sounds silly but it’s true and it’s also a double edge sword. If your travel dates are not flexible (especially during the holidays, it’s best to book early – as early as 6 months ahead). The problem with booking too early is that many airlines might not have flights planned out that far ahead yet and that means new flight plans, more seats and possibly cheaper airfare.

Tip #2 – The Seat Next to You Could be DOUBLE What You Pay 

If you ever try to ask how much the guy sitting next to you in Economy class paid for his seat, you could be in for a big surprise because it’s very likely that the price difference could be up to $500 (if not more!). Flight prices aren’t just divided into Coach vs Economy, there are multiple price categories and in each category, the airline is willing to offer X number of tickets at a certain price point. This is why when you’re searching on Expedia or Orbitz and you’ll see headlines like “4 tickets left at this price point!” because there really are only 4 more tickets left in the price category. And based on how well the flight sells and other stats, the airline can revisit the cheaper price categories just to fill up the flight.

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Deal Alert: Amex Offer $10 back for $50 Supermarket Purchase


A quick deal alert from Amex Offers for all Amex cardholders that I found recently(I’ve talked about Amex offers here before.) This Supermarket Offer should be available under your “My Offers” tab and all you have to do is make a $50 purchase or more at any business that’s deemed a “supermarket” before July 14. You can fulfill this offer from chains like Pathmark, Stop & Shop, or A&P.  You can take advantage of this offer up to 3 times! I’m planning on buying 3 $50 gift cards if I don’t actually make a purchase at the supermarket.

So make sure you “Save Offer” when you log into your Amex account online. Or if you can’t find it there, you can also get the offer through Facebook and Twitter if you’ve already synced your Amex card.

Some other current offers include $5 back for $5 Dunkin Donuts (yes that means free donuts!), $5 back for $30 ExxonMobil, $15 back for $50 1-800-Flowers, and $15 back for $75 Home Depot purchases. And of course as always, most of these are also available online so you can take advantage of Ebates & BigCrumbs as well (my referral links)!

15% Cashback via Ebates for 1 Week Only


ebates-2014-05-15 copy

From May 12 – 19, Ebates is running a birthday promotion where over 100 stores are offering 15% cashback. Stores include Macy’s, Nordstrom, Groupon, LivingSocial, Continue reading

Renew Your Ally CD for an Additional Interest Rate Boost

ally If you’ve read through my devotion to Ally Bank CDs, you might have seen me mention about Ally Bank’s loyalty reward. I think they’ve finally posted up some official terms online. You can read it here.

Basically, if you renew any of your maturing Ally Bank CD, they’ll offer you an additional 0.25% interest rate boost to whatever is the current interest rate of a new CD.  So for example, if you have a 1 year CD maturing on Dec 1, you can roll the CD into another 1 year CD at 0.98%+0.25%=1.23% interest rate. That’s probably one of the few higher CD interest rates out there already.

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