T-Mobile Tuesdays – Freebies for Customers #GetThanked

tmobiletuesdayT-Mobile Tuesday have been going on for a few weeks now. If you’re a T-Mobile customer and don’t know what this is, you’ve been missing out! (If you already know about this, let this be your reminder.)  T-Mobile Tuesday is an app and campaign that T-Mobile has been running for a few weeks now. Every Tuesday, existing customers can claim offers for freebies and unique experiences and free trips.  From free movie tickets to pizza to ice cream and Lyft rides. And if you’re as obsessed about Pokemon Go as I am, you would be happy to know that T-Mobile now offer unlimited 4G LTE data use with the game.

Not exactly sure how long this would go for, but as long as you have an Apple or Android phone, you’ll want to download the T-Mobile Tuesday app. More details from T-Mobile here.

Comprehensive Guide to Birthday Offers – Ongoing

Inspired by a previous shorter post, we have compiled a list of companies and free perks or discounts that they offer during your birthday month. In order to receive these offers, you must open an account at their website and sign up for their rewards program if available. Know of other offers? Comment below! We’ll continue to update and add to this list.

Companies in alphabetical order:

Anthropologie –  get 15% off your next purchase (August 2011)

American Eagle –  15% off your purchase for the week before and after your birthday (Aug 2011)

Au Bon Pain – free sandwich or salad (anniversary gift is coffee and bakery item) (March 2015)

Best Buy – $5 reward certificate (March 2015)

Bloomingdale’s – 10% off your entire purchase, some brand exclusions apply (August 2011)

Container Store – receive a free Happy Birthday tote bag (August 2011)

Dave & Buster’s – free $10 game play with $10 purchase (March 2015)

Delta Airlines – if you’re a SkyMiles member, you can get a bonus 1500 and $100 e-certificate towards your next vacation (August 2011)

DSW – $5 off in-store and $5 code for use online only and both can be combined if used online (March 2015)

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Gilt City Deal: Free Graze Snack Box



There’s a new Gilt City deal (referral link) today for a free box of the graze.com snack subscription. This is normally a $6.99 value. graze.com will ship out snacks catered to your preference. They do require your credit card info, so if you don’t want to continue, make sure you CANCEL your subscription. Deal ends on March 26.

I’ve never tried them before, anybody tried these snack subscriptions?

Also don’t forget Gilt City has a lot of free coupons include a J. Crew Factory 30% coupon, $30 off $80 Origins purchase,  and $75 off $250 Cole Haan purchase.

Verizon My Rewards+ Visa Prepaid Card Review

VerizonMyRewardsVisaI received the Verizon My Rewards+ Visa Prepaid Card recently after redeeming from my Verizon home phone and DSL account. Turns out, this card is part of the MyPrepaidCenter.com network and has it’s own 5% cash back program. While with only $10 in my account, this program isn’t much use to me but I can see that it could be useful if you are willing to wait for your balance to build up or have a large starting balance. All cash back rewards will be added to your balance within 10 days after your purchase. The list of merchants will be listed in your MyPrepaidCenter account. As of today, the list of merchants are as follows:


My Verizon Rewards – Review


Verizon currently has a rewards program to reward loyal customers who pay their bills on time called My Verizon Rewards. This rewards program works similar to credit card points where every 100 points is redeemable for $1. You will get 50 points for every online bill pay completed on time (works with automatic payment as well), 100 when it’s your birthday, 150 points if you sign up for paper free billing and much more. Check out all the ways you can earn more points. You’ll also need to check your account every once in a while since these points do expire. 500 of my points are expiring next month so I was forced to redeem what I could. You can redeem for gift cards from stores like Amazon.com, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks or even better, for a Visa prepaid card. Once you open an account, you can get your future reward redemption to get loaded on the card. I just redeemed for $10 on the Visa prepaid card.


Free 100 GB OneDrive Storage for 2 Years


As if we need to worry about running out of free online storage anymore, looks like Microsoft has also joined and there’s OneDrive now. Sign up for a Microsoft ID and you’ll get 15 GB of free storage. If you have bing rewards (reviewed here), they are currently offering 100 GB of free OneDrive storage for 2 years. If you don’t have bing rewards, you can sign up here (referral link).

It’s annoying that it’s for a limited time, but it’s handy if you want to share large files with friends temporarily. This offer showed up on my bing Dashboard and literally took me 2 seconds to get. This offer ends on Feb 28, 2015.


Free FitBit Flex with TD Bank Account Opening


Just saw this new promo and had to share. From now till March 7, TD Bank is offering a free FitBit Flex (normally $99). All you need is to open up a checking or savings account, get a debit card and set up your online banking. There’s no mention of any minimum deposit requirements or crazy hoops. Not available online, you will have to go in person to a local branch. More details here.

If you’re interested, some ideas of possible accounts are the TD Simple Savings or TD Convenience Checking. The TD Simple Savings account has a requirement of minimum daily balance of $300 and 0.05% APY interest rate. The TD Convenience Checking is a minimum daily balance of $100 to waive any monthly maintenance fee.

Would you be taking advantage? Do you currently own a fitness tracker? Both Tracy and I active fitness tracker wearers and so expect detail reviews to come up soon.


1GB of Free Dropbox Storage with Mailbox App Download

Dropbox remains one of my favorite file sharing services because all my phone pictures are automatically uploaded there. (Heard too many horror stories of phones getting lost, stolen and even taking a swim and losing precious-never-recoverable pictures.)  So seeing as I’m always running out of my free storage space (videos of your cute dog takes up a lot of space!), this new offer was a no brainer.


Dropbox launched the Mailbox app (a email management app) last year and now wants to spread the word by offering 1 GB of free Dropbox storage if you install the Mailbox app. Available for download via Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Haven’t really given it a try yet, but I see it only supports Google and iCloud accounts right now. All it does is really organize your inbox for you but not necessarily removing any of the emails from your inbox.

Any how, the 1 GB of storage is automatically added to your Dropbox account the moment you set up the Mailbox app (you don’t even need to add any of your email accounts yet.)

If you’ve reached this far and have no idea what Dropbox is, you can sign up here via my referral link. =)

Hallmark Card Rewards Program Review

Note: Though I haven’t successfully redeem any rewards yet, I thought this program came just in time for the holidays and didn’t want any of you to miss out on it.


Hallmark, the crown of all greeting cards, now offer a new rewards program – Hallmark Card Rewards (yes very original name). Don’t confuse this with their Crown Rewards program which only gives you credit at their Hallmark Crown store locations. Instead, all you have to do is sign up and purchase Hallmark branded greeting cards. The purchase can be made at ANY location and not necessarily Hallmark Crown stores.

What you have to do …

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Bored Money – shopkick mobile app

Another Bored Money for those who have a mobile data plan.

I’ve been using the shopkick mobile app for 2 years now and thought I’ll talk about it since they’ve recently revamped their app.

20121105-171010.jpgIn a nutshell, as a shopkick user …

It rewards you with gift cards if you “walk-in” to specific stores and/or scan for specific products. It enables the GPS locator on your phone to verify that you are indeed “in” (and I use this very loosely) one of their partnered stores. Once you’re in the store, you’re off on a little scavenger hunt for specific products to scan in order to get additional points (aka kicks). If there’s nothing for you to scan, you can refer to the app for any impromptu Continue reading