How Running Took Me Around The World

It started two years ago, when we had a friendly 30 Day Walking Challenge, here at FatPiggy. The goal was to walk 10,000 steps daily. After the challenge ended, I kept up the activity, although not as aggressively. I started running several times a week to keep up my fitness level.

One thing I really enjoy about running is the different places it takes me to. I used apps such as strava and Movescount to look for popular routes for running around the world. I became more motivated to go out when there are new grounds I have yet to cover. In fact, some of my trips are motivated by races in other cities around the world.

New York

FDR Drive

East River

I love seeing other runners whenever I’m outside. We all go at our own pace; I go at my own leisure pace, snapping an occasional picture here and there. New York has the famous 6 mile loop around Central Park, but there are other great routes too. This one here is along the East River with a nice view of the Williamsburg Bridge. The best time to go running is either in the morning or evening, when the sun is not burning hot.

West Side Highway

West Side Highway

West Side Highway

West Side Highway

On the other side of town is the West Side Highway. It’s truly a beauty. I recommend coming here for a sunset run. You will not regret it! Just remember to bring your metrocard in case you lose track of time and have gone too far. The bus/train isn’t too far away.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park

Another popular spot is Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The hills here provides good training for your races! I also love that this is within walking distance from the train station!


Coulon Park

This is Coulon Park in Washington. That’s Mount Rainier hiding in the background! Back in the days, my form of running is at home with the wii-mote in hand and running alongside other wii characters. Running in a real park is 10,000x more fun!

Run Discover Park

Discovery Park

Discovery Park in Washington. Trail running is a good alternative to road running if you have knee problems. This is a good spot for a trail run. Running in nature is medicine for the soul. Many times though, my runs are powered by podcasts. Whenever I need a boost, however, I turn up the volume and play some upbeat music.


Chicago Marathon

There were a few times I happen to run on a race day and got to run alongside other runners. Pictured above was the Chicago Marathon. It was a pleasant surprise to have so many people “join” me on my runs.  I was only doing 3 miles, while they were doing 26.2 miles.

How do you keep yourself active? Do you enjoy running as well? Comment below and let me know where are some of your favorite spots to run!

30 Day Walking Challenge

Summer’s already here. I wanted to share a little bet that we had here on FatPiggy. It was inspired by the MyFitnessPal blog post to complete a 30 day walking challenge. Us FatPiggy authors have been using fitness trackers for a while now, but have never really stretched ourselves too much on the fitness realm.  So we started this fitness challenge to not only fully utilize our fitness trackers but also as a kickstarter to a more active lifestyle. And doing the challenge as a group help make it a little bit more interesting – both via encouragement and competitiveness (and maybe a little trash talk, too.  😀 )

If you’re interested, here are the basic rules and guidelines that we put together. You can check the MyFitnessPal blog post for other rules, we chose this one because we were averaging 4k-5k steps on a daily basis already.

  • minimum goal of 10,000 steps daily
  • rest days every 7th day (only 4 in the 30-day period)

Just a side note, walking more doesn’t necessarily help you lose weight. The goal of the challenge is to help you become more active. They say it takes 21 days for someone to build a habit. We were hoping that this challenge would help us build a habit of walking more. Also to help decrease our carbon footprint a little.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve done this or similar challenges before. We will be talking about our fitness trackers in an upcoming post soon.

BarkBox January 2015 Review

As a first time dog owner, I definitely spoil my semi-rambunctious Shiba Inu girl. Spoil her enough to sign up for a subscription service for her! I’m always getting her new treats and toys and I shy away from getting lower grade products that you’ll usually find at big chain suppliers like Petco and Petsmart. It’s hard to find healthier alternatives especially when I don’t have a means of knowing what brands are indeed good. (Brands made popular from heavy advertisements and commercials are usually the ones you should stay away.) BarkBox caught my eye when it showed up as a Groupon deal a few times.

A quick Google search shows that they have fairly decent products in each box. Although it is a pricey $29/month subscription with free shipping, but they guarantee that each box will have $40 value plus 10% of their proceeds are donated to animal shelters. Prices are better if you subscribe for a longer term.  The Groupon deal yielded to $18.33/month for 6 month subscription for me. That’s close to how much I spend on a monthly basis for my dog so it didn’t take me that long to click the “Checkout” button.


BarkBox January 2015 Contents

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Life Hacks: How to Fold Fitted Sheets

I usually spend my Sundays doing chores and laundry. While organizing my linens, I figured it’s time to learn how to fold those fitted sheets the right and most importantly the NEAT way! Maybe not exactly a life hack, but I thought I’ll share anyway. There must be some of you out there who, like me, never thought to consult the almighty YouTube on such things.

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De-clutter & Feel Good About It

I’ve been making preparations for renovating my bedroom so I’ve been clearing and uncovering a lot of things that are now useless to me. I’m a big hoarder, so amongst those items you’ll find items ranging from books to clothes to Happy Meal toys. As an attempt to be more organized and reduce stress-inducing clutter, I’ve been trying to rid of these things, but I don’t want to just throw them out, especially when some of these things are brand new/like new (some of my clothes still have tags on it!). So here is my plan of attack and trying to feel good about myself for doing so.

For clothes that are lightly worn, there are numerous Goodwill donation centers. I also save some denim clothing that isn’t suitable for donations for the blue to green drives that American Eagle and Gap hosts every once in a while. (If you don’t want to wait, you can Continue reading