Profit Calculator for eBay & Amazon Promotional Credit

Some self-promotion for today.  As an eBay seller, figuring out how to price things has always been cumbersome. There are many sites (including direct from eBay) on fee calculations, but never any that really helps me figure out what to set as my minimum sell price.  So we decided to create our own handy tool – a new Android mobile app Profit Calculator for eBay – now available on Google Play Store and Amazon AppStore.


This app will let you know how much you should sell or resell that item you bought. It takes into account the sales tax you’ve paid, so you don’t lose out on it either. And in the end, it clearly tells you how much you can cash out from PayPal.

For a limited time (and your mileage may vary), Amazon is offering $1 promotional credit good towards Kindle books or MP3 downloads. As a quick reference, you can always check your promotional credit here.

Please check it out to show us some support!

Barkbox April & May 2015 + Get a Free Box!

I haven’t updated on my Shiba Inu’s Barkbox for awhile. But Barkbox has sent me a special offer to my friends (lucky for you guys!), you get to try out Barkbox for FREE! Just follow this link and you will automatically get a free box or $29 off a longer subscription! Remember you will have to cancel the subscription after your first box to prevent being charged. Not sure when that expires, but if it does, you always get an additional free box with any subscription sign up here.

Curious on what I got for the last two months? My pup was heads over paws on the April box which was Fitness themed. Approx $37 value.


BarkBox – April 2015 Fitness Theme

  • Fabdog Boxing Gloves $16- a super adorable squeaky plush toy! So cute and durable. My dog hasn’t stopped flinging it around and no issues with it for the whole month.
  • JW Pet Muscle Man Cuz $5- I already own a few of these JW squeaky toys. Super durable and bouncy and not a chip on any of mine. One of them I’ve had for 2 years now, aside from it being a little dirty, a much better alternative than tennis balls.
  • Nootie LLC Peanut Butter Pleasers $7 – Soft breakable treats that are perfect for training. Not sold elsewhere
  • Green Bark Gummies Helath and Vitality $6 – Another yummy treat that my dog loves. But sounds like those neohealth products. CHIA seeds?!
  • Etta Says Elk Chew $3 – These chews frequent the Barkbox subscriptions but my dog LOVES it and it’s always the first thing she tries to grab out of the box to run away with.

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Food for Thought: Inspirational Post from MyMoneyBlog

Wanted to share a post from MyMoneyBlog today that I found very inspirational. One of Jonathan’s subscribers shared their early retirement story. I’m going to briefly run through it here, but definitely check out the original post for details of his story. He’s also responding to reader comments!

Basically it was his subscriber, Bob, sharing his plan to retire at the age of 40. He started planning for early retirement at 30 and would be retiring next year just as planned! He’s expecting to receive a monthly income of $6500 from his portfolio investments and peer to peer lending through LendingClub. I think a monthly income of $6500 is even more than Robert Kiyosaki’s $80k/year income.  Granted Bob does have a large amount of money that he saved aside and invested, it is quite motivating (at least to me) that early retirement is possible and not just a fairytale happily after story from bestseller authors.

I’m not looking to ensure a $6500 monthly income after retirement, but I think this post was a good reminder for me to think about where I am and where I want to be. And most importantly to start creating a plan to get to where I want to be.

Anybody have a early retirement plan set out already? How far are you into your goal?

Fire Drill Saftey Tips

I recently had a fire drill at work. While this is not uncommon and it’s usually uneventful and boring, this time we got a new guy explaining it. He made it informative and enjoyable. I did learn some things from him this time so I thought I’d share it with everyone by compiling a short list.

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CPR Training 101 Guide

I recently took a CPR certification training through the Rescue Training Institute set up via I found it extremely informative and empowering to feel a bit more capable of dealing with an emergency. The class lasted 4 hours and our instructor worked as an EMT. The certification expires within a year and arrived in less than a week via USPS postal mail.

As part of the training, we were able to get hands on training using both adult and infant dummies for practice. We were also given our own face masks which we practiced using on the dummies. The face mask kit contained a face mask, gloves and alcohol wipes. There’s also a more portable mask available that is a plastic barrier with a filter. This type of mask is less safe but much more convenient.

I’ve included a CPR training video that I found. It is in line with what I learned during training.  Continue reading

Hallmark Card Rewards Program Review

Note: Though I haven’t successfully redeem any rewards yet, I thought this program came just in time for the holidays and didn’t want any of you to miss out on it.


Hallmark, the crown of all greeting cards, now offer a new rewards program – Hallmark Card Rewards (yes very original name). Don’t confuse this with their Crown Rewards program which only gives you credit at their Hallmark Crown store locations. Instead, all you have to do is sign up and purchase Hallmark branded greeting cards. The purchase can be made at ANY location and not necessarily Hallmark Crown stores.

What you have to do …

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DIY Project – Diamond Tufted Upholstered Headboard

When I was refurnishing my bedroom, I knew I wanted a full size bed with under-bed storage and a upholstered headboard. Unfortunately, after searching high and low, I realize those 3 things apparently do NOT exist together. There are many queen/king size beds like that, but not in a full size. So I decided to put together my own bed just the way I want it. I bought the Ikea Mandal bed frame which comes with 4 drawers. The only thing that is missing is the headboard which I was inspired to DIY myself after seeing the loads of DIY tutorials online. This project took me almost a year to finally accomplish and now it’s done! My very first attempt to the popular DIY diamond tufted upholstered headboard!


Finished Diamond Tufted Headboard

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Food for Thought: Paying Yourself First


Rich Dad Poor Dad (image from

I’ve finally gotten a chance to read the famous “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki (well I was listening to the audiobook, free trial from, though I haven’t finish, there was a lesson from Kiyosaki that left an impression on me, his emphasis on “paying yourself first, before your other creditors.” The whole idea is to make sure your paycheck benefits you first, not to your mortgage payments, electric bill or even taxes, so that when those payments are due, you find ways to pay them off. Of course, Kiyosaki isn’t trying to persuade you to not pay your debt, but instead you should let those payment dues become your motivation to look for more ways to earn money to pay them.

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Poncho Free Weather Service for NYC residents: review + referral link

Poncho Homepage

Poncho Homepage

I have been using this free weather service for the past month now. It’s good for people who forget to check the weather before heading out the door in the morning. Who hasn’t done that before? I pretty much forget every morning, except now I see my phone flashing indicating that I got a new text. Continue reading

Food for Thought: #FitchTheHomeless and Company Branding

I’m not usually one who keeps up with current events, but this news caught my attention (naturally because I shop at A&F). #FitchTheHomeless, a gimmicky campaign started off in LA to rebrand the Abercrombie image by having the homeless wear their clothes. See original article and video here.

Quick summary on the whole campaign: to ruin the Abercrombie brand and image, whose been notorious to target only skinny and good-looking people. The video even quotes Abercrombie CEO emphasizing his clothing line targets “good-looking” cool kids in an 2006 interview. And with this outburst, I have people on my Facebook that would go to the extreme of broadcasting the accusation to parents who buy their teenage daughters Abercrombie clothing. Continue reading