Profit Calculator for eBay & Amazon Promotional Credit

Some self-promotion for today.  As an eBay seller, figuring out how to price things has always been cumbersome. There are many sites (including direct from eBay) on fee calculations, but never any that really helps me figure out what to set as my minimum sell price.  So we decided to create our own handy tool – a new Android mobile app Profit Calculator for eBay – now available on Google Play Store and Amazon AppStore.


This app will let you know how much you should sell or resell that item you bought. It takes into account the sales tax you’ve paid, so you don’t lose out on it either. And in the end, it clearly tells you how much you can cash out from PayPal.

For a limited time (and your mileage may vary), Amazon is offering $1 promotional credit good towards Kindle books or MP3 downloads. As a quick reference, you can always check your promotional credit here.

Please check it out to show us some support!

Hallmark Card Rewards Program Review

Note: Though I haven’t successfully redeem any rewards yet, I thought this program came just in time for the holidays and didn’t want any of you to miss out on it.


Hallmark, the crown of all greeting cards, now offer a new rewards program – Hallmark Card Rewards (yes very original name). Don’t confuse this with their Crown Rewards program which only gives you credit at their Hallmark Crown store locations. Instead, all you have to do is sign up and purchase Hallmark branded greeting cards. The purchase can be made at ANY location and not necessarily Hallmark Crown stores.

What you have to do …

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Poncho Free Weather Service for NYC residents: review + referral link

Poncho Homepage

Poncho Homepage

I have been using this free weather service for the past month now. It’s good for people who forget to check the weather before heading out the door in the morning. Who hasn’t done that before? I pretty much forget every morning, except now I see my phone flashing indicating that I got a new text. Continue reading

Bored Money – shopkick mobile app

Another Bored Money for those who have a mobile data plan.

I’ve been using the shopkick mobile app for 2 years now and thought I’ll talk about it since they’ve recently revamped their app.

20121105-171010.jpgIn a nutshell, as a shopkick user …

It rewards you with gift cards if you “walk-in” to specific stores and/or scan for specific products. It enables the GPS locator on your phone to verify that you are indeed “in” (and I use this very loosely) one of their partnered stores. Once you’re in the store, you’re off on a little scavenger hunt for specific products to scan in order to get additional points (aka kicks). If there’s nothing for you to scan, you can refer to the app for any impromptu Continue reading