Food for Thought: Inspirational Post from MyMoneyBlog

Wanted to share a post from MyMoneyBlog today that I found very inspirational. One of Jonathan’s subscribers shared their early retirement story. I’m going to briefly run through it here, but definitely check out the original post for details of his story. He’s also responding to reader comments!

Basically it was his subscriber, Bob, sharing his plan to retire at the age of 40. He started planning for early retirement at 30 and would be retiring next year just as planned! He’s expecting to receive a monthly income of $6500 from his portfolio investments and peer to peer lending through LendingClub. I think a monthly income of $6500 is even more than Robert Kiyosaki’s $80k/year income.  Granted Bob does have a large amount of money that he saved aside and invested, it is quite motivating (at least to me) that early retirement is possible and not just a fairytale happily after story from bestseller authors.

I’m not looking to ensure a $6500 monthly income after retirement, but I think this post was a good reminder for me to think about where I am and where I want to be. And most importantly to start creating a plan to get to where I want to be.

Anybody have a early retirement plan set out already? How far are you into your goal?

Food for Thought: Paying Yourself First


Rich Dad Poor Dad (image from

I’ve finally gotten a chance to read the famous “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki (well I was listening to the audiobook, free trial from, though I haven’t finish, there was a lesson from Kiyosaki that left an impression on me, his emphasis on “paying yourself first, before your other creditors.” The whole idea is to make sure your paycheck benefits you first, not to your mortgage payments, electric bill or even taxes, so that when those payments are due, you find ways to pay them off. Of course, Kiyosaki isn’t trying to persuade you to not pay your debt, but instead you should let those payment dues become your motivation to look for more ways to earn money to pay them.

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Food for Thought: #FitchTheHomeless and Company Branding

I’m not usually one who keeps up with current events, but this news caught my attention (naturally because I shop at A&F). #FitchTheHomeless, a gimmicky campaign started off in LA to rebrand the Abercrombie image by having the homeless wear their clothes. See original article and video here.

Quick summary on the whole campaign: to ruin the Abercrombie brand and image, whose been notorious to target only skinny and good-looking people. The video even quotes Abercrombie CEO emphasizing his clothing line targets “good-looking” cool kids in an 2006 interview. And with this outburst, I have people on my Facebook that would go to the extreme of broadcasting the accusation to parents who buy their teenage daughters Abercrombie clothing. Continue reading

Food For Thought: 3 Things A Girl Must Do Before They Turn 28

Here’s a start to a series of what I’ll like to call Food for Thought posts. Just random topics that I’ve come across.

Recently I came across a video that I’ll like to share. I’ve been following Hong Kong celebrity and actress Ava Yu’s YouTube channel for a while now. This is actually her beauty channel where she usually puts together how-to videos for makeup application. In one of her recent videos though, she does a different take and talks about the 3 things that she believes a girl must do before they turn 28. (Seems like it is directing to me.)

First thing Ava says is health related: checking your blood calcium level. Calcium deficiency is not uncommon especially for women. The number of women with osteoporosis is not low either. Of all the things I’ve learned from Health class in high school, this was like the one thing that stuck for me. Number one reason being that I don’t drink milk. So do yourself a favor and take care of yourself from brittle bones! Prevention is a lot easier than treating it later on.

Second is to make sure you start taking care of your skin. Even though it sounds a little like she is advertising for Estee Lauder’s anti-aging skincare, I do believe in taking care of yourself early. Just moisturizing your skin is not enough! My mom has taught me to take care of my skin since I was in high school. I’m more than well prepare for this one. Check!

Last thing Ava mentions pertains more to this blog: every girl needs to have a financial plan. Being a celebrity its easier for her to hire a financial consultant to help her with her investments. Financial planning doesn’t necessarily mean investments, but you should at least have an idea of what you are working for. This blog will be my first step towards that goal.

Have you achieve everything Ava suggests at 28? It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or girl, you should always be prepared.

Here’s the original video from Ava’s channel. Sorry, it’s in Chinese only.

What is financial freedom?

I was reminded of a lunchtime conversation I had with my coworkers regarding financial freedom. Both coworkers agreed that it meant not needing to work to live the life they wanted. What they did not agree with is what the term “life they wanted” meant. One wanted to live a modest life where he could pursue his hobbies while the other wanted to travel and live more luxuriously. This meant she should have the option to fly back to her home country whenever she wanted, travel for vacation when she wanted, and buy what she wanted. If she didn’t have that then she wouldn’t consider it as financial freedom. We’ve heard the phrase financial freedom thrown around and the meaning is essentially different depending on who you ask and their goals.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. For me, financial freedom means that I don’t have to work to live a modest life. This means every month I will be able to afford to pay for my basic necessities such as for housing, utilities, food, maintenance and some fun money. But the problem is this type of living is boring and if traveling, shopping and hobbies are added then the total amount of money that is required will be much greater. Even with this in mind, for me financial freedom is still being able to cover basic necessities without worry because it’s a peace of mind. Everything else is extra and really is extra. Even if I do reach financial freedom to not work though, I already plan on continuing to work. Work in this sense is not limited to working at a company as an employee but perhaps being a landlord or running my own side business. It’s the freedom to choose how to spend my time and how I prefer to earn that extra cash. In this sense, financial freedom for me is the freedom to choose. If I were to suddenly quit my job then I would not have to worry since my basic needs are covered. I will be free to stay at home or at least take my time to find a job that I really enjoy, regardless of whether or not that involves working for someone else.

What is your definition of financial freedom?