Bored Money – shopkick mobile app

Another Bored Money for those who have a mobile data plan.

I’ve been using the shopkick mobile app for 2 years now and thought I’ll talk about it since they’ve recently revamped their app.

20121105-171010.jpgIn a nutshell, as a shopkick user …

It rewards you with gift cards if you “walk-in” to specific stores and/or scan for specific products. It enables the GPS locator on your phone to verify that you are indeed “in” (and I use this very loosely) one of their partnered stores. Once you’re in the store, you’re off on a little scavenger hunt for specific products to scan in order to get additional points (aka kicks). If there’s nothing for you to scan, you can refer to the app for any impromptu Continue reading

Bored Money – Bing Rewards

I want to share something that MyMoneyBlog would call as “Bored Money”. Microsoft have been running many promotions for its Bing search. In its early days, you had the Bing cashback program, but that died out and now they have Bing Rewards. This means, every time you use their search engine, you get credits. Credits can later be used to redeem gift cards (Tango, Amazon, Groupon, Starbucks), Xbox game points, donations, and sweepstake entries for even bigger prizes.

Basically, you earn 1 credit for every 2 searches, and there are extra bonuses that they give out now and then. I’ve been able to rack up $5 Groupon gift cards every month. Not that I think Bing search is compatible with Google, I hate that they purposely omit Google affiliated services like blogspot results. But I’ll use the Bing toolbar and search for “gap” to launch the website, for example, or something similar where I know the #1 result is what I’m looking for. For any extensive research, I’ll still stick with good old trusty Google.

Here is my Bing rewards referral link, I get some credit if you sign up for Bing Rewards through my link.

Anecdote time! I remember when I first started college and “really” started spending money (tuition, books, transportation), I was frantically looking for ways to save some cash. With lots of downtime between classes and high speed WiFi access, it was serious coupon-ing time! At one point, I was even loading up those ad bars that dock on the bottom of your window and pays you $0.01/hr for watching their ads. Yes, I was that desperate! But it died out on me pretty quickly when I realize I couldn’t even make it up to the $5 cash out amount. This Bing Rewards would definitely have been one of my go-to’s, especially with the gift card option.

Do you have other means of harvesting bored money? Do share!